How do I know if I need coaching or therapy?

Together we can determine which approach will be most appropriate for your situation. Please call me for a free phone consultation.

Although both coaching and therapy happens in the context of a supportive, respectful and confidential relationship, the focus of the work is different, as is the role of the coach/therapist. Coaching tends to be an action and future oriented process in which there is built in accountability. The coach is typically more transparent in sharing their own experiences with the client, whereas the therapist may refrain from disclosing any personal information which may distract from the client's work or process. In my practice, therapy is a deeply explorative, insight-oriented process that unfolds over time and with the development of a powerful therapeutic relationship. Clients are free to explore the past, their inner most concerns, and make connections between the past and present day life. The focus of therapy is on actively healing.

What type of coaching do you offer?

I received my training through the Transformative Coach Training Program at The Graduate Institute, approved by the International Coach Federation. I offer coaching that addresses life, relationships, purpose, professional and personal development, and life transitions.

How often would we meet?

Generally, psychotherapy sessions take place on a weekly basis. The frequency and number of coaching sessions are mutually determined based on your goals.

Do you offer in-person sessions?

Currently, I am only offering services online.

Do you take insurance for therapy?

I am a credentialed provider with Magellan for psychotherapy services.

What if I have a different insurance plan than Magellan?

You may have an "out of network provider" benefit. Contact your insurance company,  prior to coming to your first appointment, and they will be able to let you know the details of your out of network provider benefit, and if they will partially reimburse you directly for the cost of your therapy. Upon your request, I will provide you with 'super invoices' for psychotherapy sessions for you to submit to your insurance company. Please note that full payment is due at the time of the session.

Will insurance reimburse for coaching sessions?

Insurance companies do not reimburse for coaching sessions.

What are your payment options?

You are free to pay with cash, check, credit card or from a health savings account. I will supply you with invoices upon request. Payment is required at time of service, or in advance for programs and packages.

Am I responsible for paying for a missed session?

You are only responsible for paying for a missed session if you do not provide me with 24 hours notice.

I heard you offer mindfulness and yoga but it is not listed on your website. Do you still offer mindfulness and/or yoga sessions?

I offer perspectives and practices informed by my training in mindfulness and yoga in the therapy and coaching I provide. I no longer offer mindfulness or yoga as a separate individual "service." If you are interested in learning about mindfulness and deepening your practice, there are free and lost-cost resources available in many communities. Please see my resource page, or give me a call, for some ideas on where to start.

Why are you called Contemplative Insights?

I call my business Contemplative Insights because contemplative practices can help people come in contact with stillness, compassion and the potential for greater connection with self and other.  Deep engagement with one's inner world over time will ideally impact one's outer world.  For more on the different types of contemplative practices  Click here.