Personal Wellbeing Feedback

Personal Wellbeing Feedback

"You save lives." - Client

"Forever grateful for your light, guidance and support through the many years...Thank you." - Client

"Thanks for giving me strength and hope over the years. You have always been there for me... I do appreciate all you have done for me." - Client

"Thank you, Dana, for being my glimpse of sunshine and hope...The world is a better place and will continue to be because of the hearts you touch." -Client

"I would like to thank you for always believing in me and pushing me when I wanted to give up. Words can't express the moment when you told me, 'You came too far and I won't let you give up.' Thank you. I heard you loud and clear. You are an effective social worker that is creating change..." - Student

“I am so grateful to you Dana, for leading our “gentle yoga class.” I came to see what it was all about but your gentle and reflective spirit kept me coming back. I really enjoyed this type of yoga and will continue.” - Yoga student

“Thank you so much for taking your time to be with us, I really appreciated your classes. You are a great teacher and very good for us- taking us where we are and our abilities. I appreciated your gentle ways, calming voice and sense of humor.” - Yoga student

“Thank you for your gentleness, patience, and encouragement.” - Yoga student

“Thank you so much, Dana, not just for the yoga practices but also for interpreting these into a mindfulness context. I have really appreciated learning the moves but also doing them within this posture toward life...” - Yoga student

“Many thanks for your “gentle yoga”. I can say I benefitted very much in mind, body and spirit.” - Yoga student


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