Professional Wellbeing

Professional Wellbeing

Organizational Services

Organizations in the educational, health care, and corporate industries are becoming aware of the impact of stress and burnout on employees and are increasingly motivated to provide education and training promoting resilience. Contemplative Insights, LLC offers workshops, retreats and programs to support professional wellbeing in organizations and schools.

Corporate Settings 

Small group programs are offered to augment your company's professional development and employee wellness initiatives. Programs include practices to enhance awareness, reduce stress, and promote resilience.  Mindfulness and yoga practices are core features of these programs.

Educational Settings 

Many districts are becoming aware of the benefits of introducing students, teachers, staff and administration to practices which reduce stress. Contemplative Insights, LLC provides mindfulness programs in middle schools, high schools, and co-facilitates day long teacher and staff mindfulness retreats.

Professional Collaborations

Are you an organization or professional interested in including mindfulness or yoga programs into a retreat, workshop or conference? We are able to come to you! Please call to discuss the possibilities.

Individual Professional Services

"Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be who we know we could be." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is not uncommon for professionals to seek out services to help clarify aspirations, set goals, increase motivation, and enhance learning. Contemplative Insights, LLC offers confidential one-on-one meetings to help identify your professional needs.


Through a meaningful and intentional relationship, mentoring will help you identify and move into your next professional stage. Explore options, identify resources, build skills and capabilities, and set goals unique to you.

Whether you are a student, therapist, new academic, or are contemplating your professional possibilities in the field of mental health, a mentor in your desired field can be an important partner on your path. Mentoring relationships differ greatly from therapeutic relationships. A mentor does not seek to resolve psychological dilemmas or issues, but rather serves as a professional advisor and role model. The relationship is based on mutual trust, respect and confidentiality with no other goal than to assist the mentee in his or her professional growth and reaching his or her goals.

Mentoring Groups

Mentoring groups provide an opportunity for individuals with shared challenges and aspirations to receive support from one another and from the mentor-facilitator. Organizations may not have the time, resources or available staff to consistently run such groups, yet individuals yearn for the collective support. Specializing in groups for students, new faculty, and professionals in transition.


Clinical supervision provides a confidential and supportive environment to deepen your understanding of practice and theory. Explore themes of parallel process, use of self, transference and countertransference, cross-cultural work, integration of a client's spirituality, impasses, relational dilemmas, and more. Specializing contemplative practices, including mindfulness, and psychodynamic theories. Ideal for clinicians, doctoral students, and recent graduates who wish to deepen their practice, expand their knowledge and clinical application of theory.

Writing Consultation

Share your writing aspirations and challenges and jumpstart your writing projects. Address blocks, anxieties, and learn to write in spite of them.  Consultation sessions offer motivation, guidance, editing and accountability.

We will discuss personal strategies to help you with your writing project. Watch your ideas take on meaningful expression as you structure, draft, and edit your manuscript. Ideal for graduate students, and academics in search of support, motivation, guidance, and self care.



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