Quarantine Resources

MIndfulness and Meditation

There are many wonderful practice centers offering online programs, trainings and practices.

East Bay Meditation Center
Plum Village

“A global community of mindfulness practice centers offering retreats and teachings on engaged Buddhism and the art of mindful living, founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh."

San Francisco Zen Center

The following diverse range of resources that touch on education, stories, leadership, wellbeing, yoga, mindfulness, and poetry.

1440 Multiversity Online learning

Multiple videos and online learning for those interested in a deep dive into exploring all facets of humanity.

Contemplative Mind in Society

Offering a range of trainings, practices and insights into contemplative practices. Includes resources on contemplative pedagogy and education.

Contemplative Practice Webinars

Online Practice

Contemplative Education Webinars

Great Transition Stories

"Great Transition Stories is a virtual hub for illuminating the larger, often invisible, archetypal stories of our world, which can help us make sense of these times."

MindUP Goldie Hawn

“Empowering children through mindful practice based in neuroscience.”  Great site for exploring resources for children.

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Offering free webinars on self care, resilience, and mindfulness, as well as paid trainings on bringing mindfulness into leadership and the workplace.

Dr. Dan Siegel

Offering a range of videos and practices based on interpersonal neurobiology. 

David Whyte (Poet- Live series)

Offering three live sessions in May called "Just beyond yourself: The poetry of robust vulnerability." Offers beautiful and poetic insight into the human condition.

Wisdom 2.0

"Wisdom 2.0 addresses the great challenge of our age: to not only live connected to one another through technology, but to do so in ways that are beneficial to our own well-being, effective in our work, and useful to the world"

Jon Kabat Zinn live with Wisdom 2.0

Global Connections

Earth Rising

“A growing global movement to realize the New Earth through harnessing the power of coherent group consciousness for personal support and collective transformation.”

Goi Peace Foundation

“Dedicated to fostering a sustainable and harmonious global society by promoting consciousness, and wisdom for creating peace, and by building cooperation among individuals and organizations across diverse fields, including education, science, culture and the arts.”


“Global synchronized meditations and actions for world peace.”

Unity Earth

“A global network of organizations and individuals standing together in the quest to build a brighter future for humanity and for the planet.”

Resonance Science

“A global research and eduction non-profit organization (501c3) committed to the unification of physics and science as a whole."


Contemplative Insights