Professional Wellbeing Feedback

Professional Wellbeing

“Thank you so much for leading our staff retreat. This was a much needed day of renewal for all of us. I was so impressed and grateful for your ability to engage us all while keeping focused on the topics and outline you had prepared for the day. Everything went so smoothly. Your gentleness, your humor, your ability to lead and direct while creating a relaxed and open setting- all enhanced our experience. Thank you so much! Grateful for you!”  -Staff Retreat participant

"I had the wonderful joy of attending your mindfulness workshop...I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for such a wonderful, heart opening, soul warming, workshop. I took so much from your lesson, and I hope that I have the opportunity in the future to attend more workshops, should you be presenting." - Mindfulness workshop participant

"Thank you, Dana. You were the highlight of the conference for me. Your presentation was extraordinary, enlightening, inspirational, forward thinking, supportive and educational. Many blessings." - Mindfulness conference participant

"What a terrific morning, Dana. You were amazing as usual, and I had the greatest math class following your [mindfulness] work..." -Middle school teacher

"I can personally say that I have not met a more genuine role and mentor...Dr. Schneider has pushed me to reach for goals I thought I would never be able to accomplish."

"As a professional mentor Dr. Schneider has been welcoming and engaging from our beginning contacts.  Her supportive guidance has been invaluable to me as I grow as an educator and gain confidence returning to academic work...Dr. Schneider continues to offer professional mentorship that I believe has enabled me to learn and grow as an academic and to be able to share this growth with the students in my classes."

"Thank you for believing in me, and helping me realize my full potential."

"You remind me of why I want to be in this field!"