Psychotherapy is an invitation to have a greater conversation with yourself.

Together we will co-create a therapeutic relationship in which you are free to explore your deepest longings, questions, fears and vulnerabilities. You will learn how to manage stress, ease anxiety and develop a more loving, compassionate relationship with yourself.

In my practice, therapy is a deeply explorative, insight-oriented process that unfolds over time and through the development of a powerful therapeutic relationship. Often clients come to my practice feeling a sense of longing but not knowing for what exactly. They may feel anxious, disconnected, in pain and experience a high level of discomfort from a sense of uncertainty in their lives. Relationships might feel tenuous.

Therapy will provide a space for you to explore your current concerns and understand the ways you might feel out of alignment. Symptoms related to anxiety, depression, grief, or trauma, will be understood through a bio-psycho-social-spiritual lens with an appreciation for the influences of culture, family, as well as the greater social context and environment. We may focus on challenging patterns and relationship dynamics and seek to understand how they formed and ways they no longer serve you.

Our work will help you establish new ways of relating to yourself, your suffering, and others. My therapeutic approach is informed by psychodynamic theory, contemplative psychotherapy and mindfulness practice.

Sessions are typically weekly, 55 minutes in length, and billed at $180 per session. As a Magellan paneled provider, sessions are billed directly to Magellan. If you are on another insurance plan, sessions may be partially reimbursable by your insurance company. Please contact your insurance company to inquire about out of network benefits.


Both coaching and therapy happen in the context of a supportive, respectful, confidential and ethical relationship.

The focus of the work and the role of the coach or therapist differs. Coaching tends to be an action and future oriented process that is client-driven and in which there is built in accountability (such as action items, timeframes, reporting back). The focus of therapy, as I practice it, is on healing. Coaching clients are typically not in acute crisis or suffering from high degrees of emotional distress, whereas a psychotherapy client may enter therapy overwhelmed by feelings and life circumstances.

A coach is typically more transparent in sharing their own experiences in service of the client meeting their own goals. Many therapists disclose personal information sparingly to ensure that they do not distract or detract from a client's therapeutic process.

Together we can determine which approach will be most appropriate for your situation. Please email or call me for a free phone consultation.

"Of the many callings in the world, the invitation to the adventure of an awakened and full life is the most exhilarating. This is the dream of every heart. Yet, most of us are lost or caught in forms of life that exile us from the life we dream of. Most people long to step into the path of creative change that would awaken their lives to beauty and passion, deepen their contentment and allow their lives to make a difference." - John O'Donohue, Beauty

Dana A. Schneider, Ph.D., LCSW, ACC, CMT-P

Contemplative Insights, LLC